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Our knowledgeable Trust management professionals are committed to your success — providing the back-office support, regulatory oversight, and strategic solutions that give you a competitive advantage at a competitive cost.

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What is Trust Outsourcing?

Delegating your back-office functions

Trust operations outsourcing is a comprehensive solution designed to relieve your company of the day-to-day postings and compliance issues associated with Trust operations. While the outsourcing provider handles all of these back-office functions, your onsite Trust professionals have more time to focus on customer relationships. This allows your institution to reap the benefits of providing top-tier service to your principal customers — without the considerable expense of adding in-house experts to your payroll. Instead, Trust outsourcing involves a service contract that puts a broad wealth of expertise to work for your company in a more cost-effective manner.

When choosing a Trust outsourcing provider, it’s important to look for a partner with a proven ability to:

  • Absorb or launch your Trust operations without disrupting the customer experience
  • Deliver scalable solutions to meet today’s needs and accommodate future growth
  • Determine the most effective way to distribute your top products and services
  • Reduce the costs of oversight while absorbing much of the burden of audit compliance
  • Serve your customers — never compete with them
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Why Outsource?

4 compelling benefits

Why do organizations choose to outsource their Trust operations? The short answer is that it makes good business sense. Outsourcing your trust operations to a proven partner offers key benefits, including:

1. Daily completion of back-office tasks
2. Expert handling of compliance issues
3. Increased efficiency for cost-effective operation
4. Enhanced customer service with fewer in-house resources
Outsourcing is one of the best solutions for financial institutions that understand the value of offering robust Trust services, but are hesitant to invest the considerable resources required to manage these offerings in-house.
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Why Choose Us?

Insightful outsourcing that keeps you in control

As a leader in Trust outsourcing, Trust Management Network employs processes and technologies developed by experienced professionals who understand your business. We work closely with you to provide seamless Trust operations that keep you front and center in the customer’s eyes. You retain total control of the customer relationship — we simply provide the essential support and back-office operations you need to do your best job.

In contrast to some other providers, Trust Management Network is focused exclusively on the business of Trust outsourcing. Because your success is our success, we’re here to serve your needs without ever competing for your customers or assets under management.

Trust Management Network Delivers Value By:

  • Providing the back-office support that allows you to focus on customer relationships
  • Handling the day-to-day tasks that are essential to superior customer service
  • Freeing up your team to give their full attention to your core products and services
  • Offering comprehensive services for new Trust departments
  • Providing a seamless transition for existing Trust departments making the switch to outsourcing
  • Expertly training your team on the trust accounting software
  • Eliminating the burden of dual control compliance obligations, reconciliation, and system maintenance
  • Ensuring accurate, efficient, cost-effective Trust operations

Keeping Trust operations on track

While every company’s needs are different, many share common Trust functions. Typical tasks provided by Trust Management Network include:

  • Post all daily cash receipts and disbursements
  • Process all wire transfers and ACH distributions
  • Invest and divest all mutual fund activity
  • Settle all DTC and Fed items through custodian
  • Print and mail checks daily to client or recipient as instructed
  • Provide single source for questions regarding system capabilities
  • Maintain technology and upgrades of software
  • Perform research on accounts
  • Receive and allocate all income
  • Provide comprehensive disaster recovery plan

A firsthand perspective

Trust Management Network was created by banking and finance professionals with decades of experience dealing with many of the same challenges you face every day. Our depth of experience in Trust operations ensures that when you outsource those critical functions to our team, they’ll be performed by a knowledgeable partner who views Trust management from your point of view. Not every provider has the firsthand expertise to offer you the same peace of mind.

“Our relationship with Trust Management Network is more like that of a business partner than that of a vendor.” —Senior Trust Officer, California

Always prepared

Trust Management Network maintains an off-site disaster-recovery/business-continuity facility that fully mirrors the data from our main office. If a disaster should occur, our replicated office ensures that any disruption to our clients will be kept to a minimum. Our disaster recovery plan is tested annually, and results are provided to our clients.

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