Strategic Relationships

Alliances that drive success

Trust Management Network is exactly what our name implies — a network of industry-leading companies that have been carefully selected to amplify our offerings. With Trust Management Network as your outsourcing partner, you not only benefit from our extensive firsthand experience in the Trust arena — you also have access to the expertise and resources of well-respected professionals throughout the industry.

These strategic partnerships enable Trust Management Network to provide comprehensive, up-to-date Trust services for our clients, while maintaining the integrity of our company’s business strategy. Our key business partners include:

  • FIS Business Systems LLC
  • TIB – The Independent Bankers Bank
Our Partners

FIS Business Systems LLC

  • Respected Trust accounting platform with annual revenue of over $4 billion
  • Global leader in software and processing solutions for financial services
  • Utilized by over 450 Trust departments nationwide, including the world’s 50 largest financial services companies
  • Provides quality Trust accounting and custody solutions

TIB — The Independent Bankers Bank

  • Leader in correspondent services for financial services throughout the United States
  • Serves as custodian for uninvested cash and disbursement accounts
  • Serving more than 1,000 customers in 42 states; average of total assets is $1.78 billion
  • Minority shareholder in Trust Management Network
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